Amy for Senior Class President!!!

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Amy 4 Senior Class President! She'll make a difference!

The start of a new tradition...........
Your senior year should be a year that celebrates your accomplishments during your years at NC State. It should also be a year that ultimately prepares you for the real world that you are about to encounter. Currently we don't have any real traditions that do either of the above. I want to change this WITH YOU!
How can WE do this??? Some ideas that I plan to see happen, if elected (my platform), are.......
  • To create traditions that are carried on long after my term in office.
  • To have a dedicated, strong Senior Class Council to be the voice of the Senior Class and to help implement our ideas.
  • To work with the current resources on our campus such as Student Government, UAB, IRC, and the Career Center so that we can have events on our campus that cater to senior's needs. This includes job fairs that solely focus on jobs for graduating seniors and graduate school and not on co-ops or internships. This also includes programs on investing, resume workshops, speaker series', and more. All of these programs are centered on the intent of providing NC State seniors with the tools for SUCCESS!
  • To make seniors more aware of ways that they can help the community that they live in through community service. This also includes making seniors aware of opportunities in their community such as professional groups.
  • To arrange a meet and greet social with NCSU alumni and seniors where both groups will be linked up based on majors and can take advantage of valuable networking opportunities.
  • Create a link with off campus students so that their voices can be heard.
  • Organize events for seniors that will make their senior year one to remember. This includes a senior dance, a senior picnic, and a senior breakfast.
  • To give each senior the opportunity to leave their friends something in a "senior will". A senior will is in the form of a paper and lists what each person has left each other. This includes memories, physical items, names, etc. This will be distributed to all seniors at the senior breakfast and can be looked at for years after.
  • To create a video of moments from the senior class's year at NC State. This video will be viewed at the senior breakfast.
  • To increase the value that senior's place on the NCSU yearbook.
  • To include and involve seniors in the process of choosing the senior class gift that is chosen each year.
  • To offer incentives for participating in these events through contests for items such as tickets to games, yearbooks, discounts on class rings, etc.
  • To award outstanding seniors.
  • To be able to provide graduates of NC State with a memory that is positive and never forgotten.

All of the above ideas are very feasible and realistic if the time and energy are put into them. If elected, I will put the time and dedication into seeing these ideas take place.

What are my qualifications? I believe that leadership and programming skills are key to the role of Senior Class President. The following experiences have provided me with the chance to strengthen my skills in these areas.

  • Intern with the New Jersey Nets where I worked in the areas of community relations and game operations.
  • Being a cast member and campus representative for the Disney College Program.
  • Holding the positions of vice-president and secretary of student council during my time in high school.
  • Being a committee member on my high school senior class planning committee.
  • Serving as Resident Advisor.
  • Working with the NC State's Men's Basketball team as Student Assistant.
  • Being selected as a Student Ambassador for the 1999 World Special Olympics.
  • Serving as Leadership Development Coordinator of Inter-Residence Council (IRC).
  • Mentoring with the Peer Mentor Association.
  • Working with Union Activities Board (UAB) where I chaired past events such as the Homecoming Ball 1999 and the Homecoming stepshow 2000.
  • Serving as Hall Council President.
  • Being a member of IMPACT.
  • Serving as publicity chair for First-year college student council.
  • Being a member of Circle K.
  • Volunteering with events like the Chavis Heights After School Program, Habitat for Humanity, Hot Hoops, and the American Cancer Society.
  • Participating in numerous Leadership Development Series classes.

Be an informed voter!!! You can check out each candidates platform at the following link:

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